Forbidden Love

At the heart of my novel Come and Take It is an unusual love story between Nat Travis, the protagonist, and his former sister-in-law, Renee. To many, any relationship between a man and his brother’s former wife crosses into the land of the forbidden. The question is—should it?

Fate brings Nat and Renee together twenty years after her divorce from Nat’s brother, Joseph. A lifetime has passed since they knew each other in a “family” setting and their lives have grown worlds apart. Renee is now a successful single mother of two grown children in Atlanta, teaching history at Emory University, and Nat, a winning high school football coach in Brewton, Alabama. But the pair finds a common interest in researching the mystery surrounding the murder of Nat’s grandfather, a man they both loved very much. In the process of following clues about the old man’s death, the couple learn they have one other common bond—a healthy skepticism, maybe even a dislike, for Renee’s former husband, Joseph.

Because of Joseph, Renee and Nat fight the uncomfortable feelings they develop for each other; however, even as they pull apart, destiny binds them together. A secret they learn that Nat’s grandfather covered up his whole life connects Nat’s family to a slave many generations back. This unlocks a mystery of epic proportions, one that Renee finds irresistible as a scholar and that Nat needs her help to resolve. On the road to a long lost treasure, chasing clues wherever they lead, Nat and Renee become possessed by the ancient secret of the Alamo.

Should Nat stay away from a romantic relationship with his brother’s ex-wife no matter the circumstances? Is family history all that Nat and Renee should ever share? Come and Take It is a historical mystery about lost treasure from the Alamo, but perhaps the larger story is on a smaller scale. The real search for Nat and Renee may be in answering questions buried deep in their lives and psyches. Will they be able to overcome the forces and inhibitions that keep them apart?