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The Next Election

This sequel, a riveting political page-turner, centers on Blake Buchanan’s return journey to the Texas state legislature after his failed gubernatorial campaign in The Election (2017).

Buchanan bowed out of the governor’s race after operatives for his political opponent, Grace Striker, planned to publicly humiliate his wife for her lesbian affair. Now he’s getting divorced and is still hung up on his high school sweetheart, a married New York restaurateur. Meanwhile, his lover’s red-hot restaurant faces real estate woes possibly caused by her controlling hubby; there’s upheaval at Buchanan’s law firm; and his former campaign manager has plans to get him back in the state senate. Adding to this, Striker’s former aide—and younger lover—is working for a political rival of both Striker and Buchanan, and Striker is machinating for another chance at the governor’s seat. While this plot may sound overstuffed and convoluted, it’s expertly presented, captivating readers with political intrigue, believable characters, and witty dialogue. Political junkies of all persuasions are sure to enjoy the shenanigans in Wallace’s wild ride through contemporary Texas politics.

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